how to extract .vol files that are lhz(?) compressed?

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1 Wed Mar 29, 2017 12:03 am

So I'm thrilled to see a community alive and well, more or less. I wish my counterpart in the tribes package (starsiege) was still this active but we haven't been in about 5 years now. But anyway, we're working on a Unity Game Engine update for the old girl and I'm trying to make a legacy mode for it. I've searched everywhere high and low and I've somehow made it here because of a post by a Plasmatic on this site.
I tried his batch file to no avail and was wondering

What on earth does a guy in 2017 have to do to extract the .cs files from his scripts.vol file in his D:\Dynamix\Starsiege\Scripts.vol directory

I would appreciate feedback whenever anyone has the free time.
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2 Thu Apr 06, 2017 8:49 am

What operating system are you using, and what are you trying to extract? It may take me some time to find it in the empire of dirt, but I probably have it.
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3 Thu Apr 06, 2017 2:05 pm

I actually went the massively long way of making a virtual machine, getting windows 98, creating a network for it, sharing that network with my Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit host OS, and then extracting the scripts.vol with the old VXTool's and then getting it out of the Guest OS via networking through to the Host OS.

But I'm also having an issue getting the hopefully attached volume extracted too. It crashes both the VXTool on the host os, and the tribestools.exe

My next step in this seemingly endless project is to get the .dts shapes (darkstar version) imported into either blender or 3dsMax 2.5

I also sent you an email to your gmail that I found through this site too! Thanks for your time
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Shows 1KB of data, but I still think something's in there. Mainly came from the filepath
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